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[Cryptocurrency Trading] Hodling vs. Cutting Losses: Which is the Right Approach?

The cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility, and traders must daily consider strategies based on price fluctuations. In particular, hodling (long-term holding) and cutting losses (selling to realize losses) are two important options for cryptocurrency traders. This article examines how these strategies differ and how they should be applied in different situations.

Hodling Strategy

The hodling strategy means holding onto cryptocurrencies for the long term, even if prices fall. The main advantage of this strategy is the potential for high returns in the future by waiting for the market to recover. However, long-term holding also comes with the risk of facing market uncertainty and opportunity costs.


  • Betting on long-term market recovery: Historically, many cryptocurrencies have increased in value over time.
  • Avoiding emotional trading: You can maintain a long-term perspective without being swayed by short-term market waves.


  • Opportunity cost: You may miss out on other investment opportunities.
  • Risk from market fluctuations: If the market does not recover, you may suffer significant losses.

Cutting Losses Strategy

On the other hand, the cutting losses strategy means selling cryptocurrencies at a specific price to minimize losses. This strategy aims to recognize losses early and protect assets from further losses.


  • Risk management: You can limit losses and protect your assets.
  • Fund reallocation: Funds released by cutting losses can be reinvested in other promising investments.


  • Potential loss of returns due to early selling: If the market recovers, you may miss out on profits by selling early.
  • Emotional trading: Reacting to small market movements may result in amplifying losses.

Which Strategy is Appropriate?

The appropriate choice between hodling and cutting losses depends on individual investment goals, risk tolerance, and market conditions. Investors aiming for long-term growth may choose the hodling strategy, while those who want to limit risk may opt for cutting losses. The important thing is to stay true to your own investment strategy and have the ability to flexibly respond to market trends.


To succeed as a cryptocurrency trader, you need to understand market fluctuations and determine the optimal strategy for you. There is no “right” answer as to whether hodling or cutting losses is better. What matters is making appropriate judgments based on individual circumstances. Investing always involves risk, but proper strategies and calm judgment are the keys to long-term success.