OpenSea Launches Creator Studio, Replacing Lazy Minting with New Minting Method

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OpenSea has introduced a new hub named OpenSea Studio to facilitate better minting and storytelling features for creators. This studio is designed as a one-stop solution for creators to launch and manage their projects on the world’s largest NFT marketplace. The new hub is expected to house expansive tools for creating, managing, and analyzing projects. It will allow creators to mint NFTs into their wallets, build on most OpenSea-compatible blockchains, and even allow collectors to mint using a credit/debit card, all with no technical skills required. Over the next few months, new functionalities, including new collection pages offering immersive video/image/text modules and editions to help drop an NFT quickly and easily, will be added to OpenSea Studio​​.

The transition also marks the replacement of the ‘lazy minting’ feature on OpenSea. Lazy minting was a process that allowed creators to list their items for sale on OpenSea without actually writing them to the blockchain, thereby saving on gas fees. When someone bought the NFT, the mint and the sale were combined into one transaction, with the buyer covering all the gas fees​. However, it was noted that over 80% of the items created with this tool were plagiarized works, fake collections, and spam, leading to the decision to replace this feature​​.

With the launch of OpenSea Studio, the lazy mint minting tool was shut down on October 3rd, 2023, and replaced with a new minting method within the Creator Studio. This new method is expected to offer basic no-code tools for initiating community minting and directly minting items to wallets, among other features​.

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