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[Cryptocurrency Trading] Advantages and Disadvantages of Trend Following and Contrarian Strategies


In the world of cryptocurrency trading, various strategies exist, but two strategies widely used among traders are “trend following” and “contrarian.” Understanding these strategies and adapting them to one’s trading style can be key to success in the market. In this article, we will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of these strategies to provide insights for cryptocurrency traders to conduct more effective trading.

Trend Following Strategy


  1. Utilizing market momentum: Trend following strategy follows the existing movement of the market. When a trend is forming, this strategy can utilize the market’s momentum to generate profits.
  2. Reduced risk: By trading in line with the trend, the risk is lower compared to contrarian trading. Since there is no need to go against significant market movements, the risk of unexpected losses is reduced.


  1. Difficulty in identifying trends: It can be challenging to accurately determine whether a trend is forming. Incorrect judgments can lead to losses.
  2. Risk during reversals: When a trend reverses, trend following traders are exposed to high risk. Identifying the end of a trend is difficult, and there is a risk of incurring significant losses.

Contrarian Strategy


  1. Potential for high returns: Contrarian strategy takes advantage of market overreactions or undervaluations to generate profits. If successful with this strategy, there is a possibility of achieving high returns.
  2. Clarity of entry points: In contrarian strategy, trades are made based on specific price levels or technical indicators, making entry points relatively clear.


  1. High risk: Going against the trend is extremely risky. If the market moves in a direction contrary to expectations, there is a possibility of incurring significant losses.
  2. Psychological stress: Trading against the trend is psychologically challenging and comes with stress. Strength to withstand market pressure is required.


Both trend following and contrarian strategies have their respective advantages and disadvantages. To be successful, it is important to understand these strategies and apply them appropriately according to one’s trading style, risk tolerance, and market environment. Moreover, both strategies demand skills in market analysis and risk management. As the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, regardless of the strategy chosen, careful trading and a continuous learning attitude are necessary.