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What is a Margin Call: A Guide for Cryptocurrency Traders


Hello, cryptocurrency traders. Today, we will explain an important concept called a “margin call”. When engaging in leveraged trading, this term is unavoidable, so let’s thoroughly understand it and utilize it as part of risk management.

What is a Margin Call?

A margin call is a warning issued by a securities company or exchange to an investor when the funds in their account fall below the minimum required margin for margin trading (especially leveraged trading). It is a sign that says, “Please add funds or close some positions to secure the margin.”

Importance in Cryptocurrency Trading

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile (prices fluctuate greatly). Using leverage increases the potential for profits, but also increases risks at the same time. Margin calls are an important tool to manage these risks and prevent large losses.

The Margin Call Process

  1. Start leveraged trading: The trader uses a portion of their funds as margin and starts trading at many times that amount.
  2. Market fluctuations: When the market moves in the opposite direction of the trader’s expectations, the balance of the margin account decreases.
  3. Margin call issued: When the account funds fall below the minimum margin, a margin call is issued by the exchange.
  4. Response: The trader needs to either add margin or close some positions to restore the balance.

Strategies to Avoid Margin Calls

  1. Reduce leverage: To properly manage risk, consider trading with lower leverage.
  2. Fund management: Maintain sufficient funds in your trading account to reduce the risk of margin calls.
  3. Set stop-losses: Utilize stop-loss orders to limit losses.


Margin calls are an extremely important concept in cryptocurrency trading and are the basis of risk management. By understanding this warning and responding appropriately, you can minimize losses and engage in wiser trading. Strive for safe and efficient trading, and make market fluctuations work in your favor.