How can I display a Solana address as a link on a website?


To automatically open a user’s wallet application to a specific Solana address, you can use a custom URL scheme provided that the user’s wallet supports it. The URL scheme for Solana addresses typically starts with solana: followed by the address. Here is an example of how you might construct such a link:

<a href="solana:YourSolanaAddressHere">Open in Wallet</a>

Replace YourSolanaAddressHere with the actual Solana address you wish to link to. When a user clicks on this link, it will attempt to open their Solana wallet application and display the address.

Please note that this functionality heavily depends on the user’s environment. The user must have a compatible wallet application installed that registers itself as the handler for the solana: URL scheme. If the user doesn’t have a compatible wallet or if the wallet hasn’t registered the URL scheme, the link will not function as intended and may result in an error or simply do nothing.

Additionally, since this feature is not universally supported across all browsers and wallet applications, it’s a good practice to provide instructions for users on how to manually open their wallet or to provide an alternative method to access the address through a web-based blockchain explorer.

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