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CashFusion is a privacy protocol that allows anyone to create multiparty transactions with other network participants. It obfuscates the actual payments of users, making it difficult for chain analysis companies to track their coins. Below is an explanation of how CashFusion works:

  1. CashFusion is integrated into the Electron Cash wallet and is available for use on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.
  2. When CashFusion is activated, the wallet begins to communicate with other wallets that have CashFusion enabled.
  3. CashFusion sends the user’s funds through jumbo-sized transactions and back to their wallet.
  4. The user’s wallet participates in transactions with numerous inputs and outputs provided by many other CashFusion participants.
  5. Because the number of possible combinations of inputs and outputs is astronomically large, it is basically impossible for anyone to know who owns which inputs and outputs.
  6. After the user’s coins have gone through one or more fusion transactions, they can be used freely.

CashFusion differs from traditional coin mixing in that it places a user’s coins in a single large transaction full of other CashFusion users, rather than mixing transactions with others. This makes it more secure and private than traditional coin mixing protocols.

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