People who like using Cryptocurrency are people who like using cash

Cryptocurrency Diary

Recently, systems such as PayPay and Line Pay have been on the rise, and many transactions have become cashless.

While this is undoubtedly convenient,

the fact that all transactions leave a history can be seen as both a good thing and a bad thing.

The reason why people who prefer cash like cash is precisely because cash transactions are invisible.

And cryptocurrencies have the characteristic of having less visible transactions.

Cash is ‘transactions are invisible’,

Cryptocurrencies are ‘transactions are visible, but whose transactions are hard to see’.

Strictly speaking, ‘transactions are invisible’ and ‘transactions are visible, but whose transactions are hard to see’ are different,

But in a way, just like the proverb (?) ‘If you want to hide a leaf, hide it in the forest‘,

The characteristic of less visible transactions is very close to invisible transactions.

In that sense, the advent of cryptocurrencies could be seen as the last resort for people who prefer cash,

People who do not want to give all information to those who control the legal currency can use cryptocurrencies,

This means that in a fully digital world, you can use cryptocurrencies in the same way as cash.

Therefore, when making transactions with cryptocurrencies, it is possible to control your own assets by storing them in your own wallet as much as possible, and using DEX when trading.

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