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What do you think will happen with NFTs in the future?

What do you think will happen with NFTs in the future?

I think opinions are divided on NFTs, but technologically they have potential. By leveraging blockchain technology, NFTs can guarantee the scarcity and ownership of digital content, so they can have utility in fields like art and collectibles. On the other hand, there is a strong speculative aspect and risks of a bubble collapse have been pointed out. I think it will take more time to determine the value and meaning of NFTs. Along with technological advances, I believe practically useful applications will become established in socially acceptable ways.

What are some examples of practical uses?

Examples of practical uses of NFTs include:

  • Digital rights management for digital content
  • Limited edition sales for digital art
  • Ensuring scarcity of game items
  • Proof of ownership for real estate and luxury goods
  • Token economies with high supply transparency
  • Decentralized event ticket sales
  • Provenance and traceability certification for products

NFTs can represent rights in digital spaces, so they have the potential to manage and trade real world assets digitally. Their ability to create transparent, unique economic zones is also a major benefit. As the technology matures, we can expect more practical use cases to emerge.