How to buy Pepe on the Algorand blockchain

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A corporation named @messinaone in Singapore is performing a bridge for Pepe on the Algorand blockchain.

To explain, Pepe is originally an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, but the organization called messinaone has bridged Pepe onto Algorand, making it exchangeable as a Wrapped ERC20 token. In other words, you can think of it as Wrapped Pepe.

If messinaone were to go under, the Wrapped Pepe on Algorand would lose its value. However, as long as messinaone continues to facilitate exchanges, Wrapped Pepe will be tradable on the Algorand blockchain.

When talking about Algorand, there’s a wallet called the Pera Wallet.

Once you’ve installed Pera Wallet and deposited ALGO, you can exchange ALGO for Wrapped Pepe within the Pera Wallet. (If you convert all your funds into Wrapped Pepe, you won’t be able to afford the fees to convert Wrapped Pepe back into ALGO, so you should leave a small amount of ALGO. On the Algorand blockchain, ALGO serves as the currency for paying gas fees.)

The genuine Wrapped Pepe can be found below. The Asset ID is: 1096015467.

Pepe (1096015467) on Pera Explorer
PEPE is a wrapped ERC20 token from bridge.

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