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How to safely exchange cryptocurrencies even on unknown free Wi-Fi spots

You might want to use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies stored on your mobile device for payments at hotels, restaurants, and airports abroad, but there’s no signal here.

There is Wi-Fi, but it might be unencrypted and your communications might be readily scanned, and you’re also unsure if it’s safe to connect.

In this article, I will guide you on what to do in such situations.

Use VPN.

What comes in handy in these instances is a ‘VPN connection’.

A VPN is a technology that transforms free Wi-Fi spots into a private network, much like your home.

Even if you’re connected to public Wi-Fi, by connecting to the internet through a trustworthy VPN server, you can encrypt the data you send and receive, ensuring a secure connection.

I recommend Brave Firewall + VPN.

After you open Brave and turn on the VPN, if you connect to Wi-Fi, you can communicate via the VPN server provided by Brave.

By connecting to the internet via Brave’s VPN server, your activities on the internet are protected and anonymous, and your personal information is encrypted. Therefore, you can feel safe even when using an unknown Wi-Fi for your crypto transactions.

You can choose the ‘country’ of the VPN server you connect to.

The further the location from your current one, the slower the connection, but you can gain peace of mind knowing that you can access via Brave’s VPN server.


This can be considered an essential service for users who often use public Wi-Fi, especially those dealing with cryptocurrencies on the go.